By Sam G.

Homeward Bound is about two dogs and one cat that went to a ranch because their owners were going on a trip. This movie is a problem and solution film. A problem and solution film is when something bad happens and you find a way to fix it. The two dogs are named Shadow and Chance. They are both male. Then last but not least, there is a cat named Sassy, who is female.

The three animals were at the ranch and the owner of the ranch went on a trip. They were really bored. Chance was chasing chickens and chewing leather the whole time. I like this scene because Chance talks about the animal shelter but calls it the pound. I laughed when Chance started to chase chickens. They were wondering what was going on at the time. The three animals found a short fence and jumped it. Chance said he was not going but then there comes a rooster! I really like this scene because Chance thinks he is going with the owner but at the last second he got locked in. They ran as fast as they could. The animals had no idea where they were. Shadow said to cross a mountain but when they got there they actually had no idea where they were. They could see really far but their house was nowhere in sight. So they went on and on and on and soon they reached a huge waterfall. Sassy did not look happy about that. They had no choice but to swim across the waterfall. This scene stinks because they are literally standing there for one whole minute looking at it. Sassy was being really sassy. The people that made the film did a good job of fitting this character in the movie because she is actually sassy. Chance and Shadow swam across the waterfall but Sassy was too scared. Since she was scared she found a bridge made out of rocks and sticks. It really looked like she was going to make it but at the last jump she fell. The dogs rushed to save her but they couldn’t. It looked as if Sassy died but later an old man found her. I also like this scene because it’s really dramatic.

The characters learned a big lesson to never leave somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Never go farther into a waterfall or else you might fall down it. In all I think this is a great movie. And if I had to rate it I would rate it five stars.

Sam G. is a Level 1 student who loves sports, especially skiing, basketball, and baseball.

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