By Nicholas D.

Home Alone is a hilarious movie from the 1990s. It is about a boy named Kevin who is having a problem. It takes place in Kevin’s family house and his family has twelve members. Kevin is an eight year old boy who is home alone.

It is three days until Christmas. Burglars are trying to break into the house. This is the main problem of the film. Kevin is setting up traps to keep them out. The burglars tried breaking through every door! I laughed during this scene because Kevin burned the front door handle and burned the burglars. He also dropped bricks on the burglars. Kevin’s brother, Buzz McCallister, who is mean to Kevin for some reason, had a tarantula and Kevin accidentally broke the tank. Kevin found the tarantula later when the burglars were coming and he threw the tarantula on the burglars! That scene was really funny. At the end of the movie, Kevin’s mom, Kate McCallister, “who is very nervous about leaving Kevin at the house by himself,” finally came home from when they left him home by accident. She was super excited and nervous. I laughed during the entire movie. In conclusion, Home Alone is a great watch. It is super funny! It is a great Christmas movie to watch with family and friends. I rate this movie 5 stars.

Nicholas D. is a Level 1 student who loves video games and solving Rubik’s Cubes.

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