Help! My friend turned into a horse!

By Ivy H.

Sam loved horses. She rode them and took care of them. She even leased a horse named Max. “Ugh, I am so bored!” said Sam, “I should invite Claire over.” Claire was Sam’s best friend. She might not like horses as much as Sam but she did support Sam and watched her ride. “Hey Claire, can you come over today?” Sam asked. “Sure, I am super bored so I will be there in five minutes!” said Claire.

Five minutes later Claire showed up. “What do you want to do?” Sam asked. “Umm…” Claire said, thinking. “Sam you know how your dad has a bunch of weird potions?” she asked. “No Claire, that’s a bad idea. He said not to touch them,” said Sam. “Please!!!!” Claire whined. “Fine,” Sam sighed and thought, “This is not going to end well.” Sam’s mom and dad were on a trip to the Bahamas. Sam’s dad kept his potions in the basement. “Hey can I get a glass of water before we go in?” Claire asked. “Sure,” said Sam. They went to the sink and Claire got some water. Then they went into the basement. “Wow, it’s so cool down here!” said Claire, having a good time. “Yep, it sure is so cool down here,” Sam said sarcastically.

Claire picked up a bottle and opened it to sniff but she did not cap it. “I’m thirsty,” Claire said. She picked up the cup and drank. A few minutes later Claire said, “I don’t feel good.” “Do you want to watch a show?” Sam asked. “Sure,” Claire said. Sam went to close the bottle Claire had left open. She noticed it was half gone. Then Sam looked at the water cup and Claire did not drink water. “Uhh, Claire,” said Sam. “Oww, what is it Sam? My stomach hurts!” Claire said in pain. “You didn’t drink the water,” said Sam. “Then what did I drink?” asked Claire. “Well…don’t freak out ok,” Sam said. “Ok I won’t!” screamed Claire. “You…drank….the….potion,” Sam told her. “WHAT? HOW? AM I GONNA DIE??!!??” Claire yelled. “I told you not to freak out! Also, no you won’t die, just calm down!” said Claire and Sam calmed down.

A few minutes later Claire ran to the restroom and when she came out she was a…”OH MY GOSH!! CLAIRE!! IS THAT YOU?!?” Sam said, shocked. “What do you-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” screamed Claire. “Calm down!” Sam said. “I-I I TURNED INTO A HORSE! HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?” screamed Claire. Yes, Claire had turned into a talking horse! She was a quarter horse, her color was buckskin paint. She was a brownish beige and white horse and she had a brown mane and tail. Sam realized that they had to go on a mini quest to get Claire back to normal. The quest has three random parts. The first part and second parts started with the letter P and the last started with the letter Z. They only had until sunset. If they didn’t make it Claire would have to stay a horse forever. “If we don’t go on a quest, and find the golden saddle you will be a horse forever,” said Sam. “Ok… where do we need to go?” Claire asked. Sam rode Claire over to the barn to get her tack, which is the saddle and all of that stuff. “You’re so heavy!” Claire said to Sam. “I am not. Ok trot!” Sam said. “Like this?” asked Claire. “Yep you’re doing it!” said Sam.

They rode to the barn. “Wait here,” said Sam. Sam hid Claire near a bush and got the tack. Then she tacked Claire up. “This is so weird!” said Claire. Sam pulled out her phone and searched the map to find the golden saddle. “Ok, we first need to go to the park,” she said. They went to the park and found the second clue. “Look Mom, it’s horsey!” a kid from the park said. “Umm, she is kinda scared so give her some space,” said Sam. “What’s her name?” the kid asked curiously. “Uhh, her name is Honey. Yes, Honey,” replied Sam. “Cool!” said the kid.

They found the clue on the playground slide. The next stop was the pet store. On their way Claire said, “Why did you say my name is Honey?” “I’m sorry, it was the first name that popped into my head. Sorry if you don’t like it,” Sam said. “It’s fine. Oh we are here!” said Claire. Sam made sure no one could see Claire and she put Claire on the side of the pet store behind a trash can. “Ok, it says it is in a fishbowl,” Sam said. “That’s a weird place to put a clue!” said Claire. Sam went into the store and asked where the fish bowls were. “It’s in the fish section,” said the pet store worker. “Uh, thanks!” said Sam.

People were staring at Sam because she had horse riding clothes on. Sam looked very awkward looking through the tanks. “The last tank…it better be there,” Sam said to herself. It was a very small fish bowl. “I FOUND IT!” Sam screamed. Everyone in the store was looking at her. She got kicked out, but at least she got her clue. “Did you get it?” Claire asked. “Yep, but I got kicked out,” said Sam. “It’s fine, let’s go to the next place,” said Claire.

The clue said to go to Zilker Park, so they went. “I can’t believe this is the last clue!” Sam said. “Yep,” replied Claire. Sam looked at the sky. It was about to be sunset! They galloped into the park, but a police officer pulled them over. “Excuse me, do you have a license?” the officer asked. “Uhh, here,” Sam handed him a piece of paper and ran off. “HEY, GET BACK HERE!” the angry officer yelled. “Why did you do that?” Claire asked Sam. “I don’t know! Come on he’s coming!” she yelled.

They ran to the train track. “Where is it?” asked Claire “I found it!” Sam said. The clue said to go down to the river and find a box with the saddle in it. “Let’s go!” Claire said, rearing. “You’re a good horse. Did I ever tell you that?” Sam asked. “No, but thanks. I didn’t know I was good,” said Claire. They couldn’t talk anymore because the cop was still chasing them and the sun was about to set! They ran down to the river, where the police officer could not get them. Sam dove into the water and Claire jumped in, but Claire could not help get down under water. Sam pulled the box up, and Claire helped her.

“Are you ready, Claire?” asked Sam. “Yep,” she replied. Sam opened the box and it was the…red saddle? “What? I followed the quest. How is this possible?” Sam asked. “Great, I’m going to be a horse forever, the sun is setting, just put it on me,” Claire said, disappointed. “Ok ready? three, two, one,” Sam said as she put the saddle on Claire. Nothing happened. “I’m so sorry Claire…” she said. “I just want to be a human,” said Claire sadly. Then Claire turned into a human! “I’M ME AGAIN!!” Claire said. Sam hugged Claire and smiled. “Say ‘I want to be a horse,’ just trust me,” said Sam. “Ok…I want to be a horse!” said Claire and she turned into a horse again! “WOW!!” they both said. Claire could now become a horse and a human. They went back home. Sam’s parents came home. “What did you guys do while we were gone?” Sam’s dad asked. “Uhh, we just watched a few movies!” they both said.

The end!

Ivy H. is a Level 1 student who has two guinea pigs, two fish, a dog, and leases a horse named Honey.

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