Hamilton Movie Review

By Luke M.

The movie Hamilton is about the Founding Father named Alexander Hamilton. It’s about his life and what he did for America. The characters live in New York and tell the story of how America fought for freedom against the British. This isn’t only a movie, it’s also a play.

I like this movie because there’s rapping and dancing and I really like the songs. But sometimes, I had a hard time understanding what they were saying because it was a little too fast.

A lot of the movie is about what happened in history. But there’s a lot about friendship and love too.

I really like the part where Hamilton was at war with Aaron Burr. At first, Hamilton asks for advice on how Aaron graduated so fast. They are both orphans, and Hamilton likes that. They work together after the war. Hamilton even asks Burr (in the middle of the night) to help him with the constitution papers. But when they’re older, Burr gets mad at Hamilton because he doesn’t recommend Burr for President. Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel. I won’t spoil what happens next.

If you like a lot of action and drama and singing, you should go see Hamilton.

Luke M. is a Level 1 student who likes swimming!

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