By Emma C.

Ode to Lily

Oh Lily,

You are my furball,

You will come up to me and lay down.

Oh Lily,

You jump up and play,

And scratch me all day.

Oh Lily,

You are my puppy,

My playful pet.

You never want to stop playing,

All day

Every day

Oh Lily,

I Love You

Ode to Time

Oh Time,

The time will tell,

Whether it is sunny and hot or

cold and rainy.

Oh Time,

Once you use it you can’t get that

same time back.

It is impossible,

Oh Time

An Ode To My Bed

Oh Bed,

Always so cozy,

You make me feel good at night.

What would I do without you?

Oh, Bed,

I sleep on you, I read on you,

And I play on you.

Oh Bed,

What is there to dread?

Ode To My Rat

Oh Rat,

You are always wearing my hat.

And, oh that Cat

He chases you just like that.

You chase the bats

Oh Rat,

You’re kinda fat

For a Rat.

You are Fierce,

You are brave,

You are my Rat.

Emma C. is a Level 2 student who plays volleyball and loves to write odes.