By Elaia W.

A Road To Take

It won’t be long until you realize

That life is short, and I’d advise:

Don’t spend your time on the worthless things,

Just spend some time by a spring

And wait and see what it brings.

Alone or not, that doesn’t matter,

Now hear the leaves chit and chatter

And hear the wind with a little clatter.

It won’t be long until you realize

That life is short. That’s what I’d advise.


Dead you are in your grave,

No place to call home, your resting place. In a beautiful coffin underneath, a gravestone that reads in stabbing grief.

Elaia 2009–2009


Death is so empty

Just like my soul.

Death is so empty

It feels like a hole.

A horrible hole,

You just can’t get out.

Death is so empty,

It leaves so many doubts.

The Rat From Petco

I saw a rat at the store,

He told me he was 1,000 or more.

I cried and cried because I wanted the rat.

The rat was fat, so that’s the end of that.

Two months later, the 30th of December,

I went to Petco, and boy did I remember,

The rat from two months ago.

I grabbed the rat and said, “Let’s go!!

Elaia W. is a Level 2 student who likes food.

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