By Valerie D.

An Ode to Light

Oh light,

No darkness tonight,

The way you bring brightness

To every room.

Oh light,

The simple thing

That changes the way we look

At everyday life

Oh light,

You bring the world into


View of beauty,

View of hope,

View of the world.

Oh light.

An ode to Dance

Oh dance,

You let me express my feelings,

In a unique way,

Oh dance,

I can be sassy

I can be sad

I can be happy

Oh dance,

So skilled

Yet graceful

Oh Dance.

Oh Palm Trees

Oh palm trees,

The sound of the wind,

Rustling your leaves

On the west coast,

Of sweet California.

Oh palm trees,

The taste of

Your delicious

Coconut water.

The sight of your

luscious leaves

Oh palm trees,

As you reflect the sun.

I inhale the fresh

West coast air

Oh palm trees,

I feel the sand though

My toes,

The sand that

your roots grow.

Oh Palm trees.

Ode to StarBucks

Oh Starbucks,

So many drinks

80,000 combinations

Just too many to think.

Hi, can I have vanilla latte

With 2 pumps of hazelnut,

Oh, Starbucks

Can I add an Old Fashion


Oh StarBucks,

For the Elite,

Taking a van

To get a bite to eat.

Earning 500 minutes,

Ordering so many drinks

The skys the limit,

Colorful drinks

So very vivid.

Oh StarBucks.

Valerie is a Level 2 student who loves to dance and code. She is 11 years old and will be 12 this August. Valerie loves to write poems and odes.

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