By Madeline K.


The pig in the pool

Saw a white spool

And went to the zoo

And found a clue

Mads: Fact or Fiction?

I am Madeline

My cat is named Marty

My favorite color is violet

I like strawberries

I hate broccoli

I love hot sauce

My friend is named Elizabeth

I play piano

My dog is named Shadow

I am Madeline

A Little Bird

The bird sat on the

Willow tree sang to me while

A flower floated

The sound of water

Water trickling through a creek

Water running to a ocean

Letting me fall asleep

Waking me at dawn

Running through my veins

Helping things grow with its refreshing cool

I will

I will see a dog

I will see a cat

I will see a bird

I will see a goose

I will see a moose

I will see a mouse

I will see a fish

I will see a cow

I will see a gecko

I will end this story now

Madeline K. is a Level 1 student who loves playing freeze tag.

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