By James D.


Quack Quack says the Duck

Downy and soft the ducks are

Waddle off they go

About A Fictional Character Called Boc

There was once a man named Boc

He liked to watch the clock

At work he was a baker

He made his special cakers

James Fact-or-Fiction Poem

I am James

I have a pet bat

Bacon is my favorite food

My favorite color is blue

Fish are my favorite animal

I have fewer than three wooden tables at my house

I have over 100 toy ducks in my bedroom


My least favorite color is pink

I am James


When I hear thunder I think about a

Big boom in the sky, a deep, hollow

Voice cackling evilly. Thunder, you can

Imagine it to be pretty much anything.

Like a chair hitting the ground or a

Boulder banging against another boulder

To make fire. Anyways, thunder Is a sound

Different than any other sound, even

Though it’s involved in rain, just like lightning,

and clouds.

Someday I’ll…

Someday I’ll bake a cake

Someday I’ll swim in a lake

Someday I’ll see a tree

Someday I’ll get stung by a bee

Someday I’ll drive on roads

Someday I’ll pick up loads

Someday I’ll live in a house

Someday I’ll catch a mouse


Someday I’ll get the vaccine!!


James D. is a Level 1 student who plays chess and the banjo.

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