By Evie J.

Evie: Fact or Fiction

I am Evie

I love chickens

I love eating crab

I love swimming

I love to go on roller coaster

I love my family

I love eating sushi

I love my friends

I love getting rid of my toys

I am Evie

The sound of the creek

It is a calm sound

It helps to think about it when you are sad

The sound in my ears is like a little pitter patter, it is so nice

When the rain drops on the water it makes me so tired

It helps me focus when I work

It is a calm sound

It is so nice and I like it because it just helps me

And it can be fun

The feeling of my cat

She feels like a big fuzz ball

She makes me feel calm

She makes me happy when I am sad

She makes me so happy that I laugh

She makes me feel so happy, glad, and excited

The flowers

The wind blows on you

You smell like cotton candy

You make me happy

Never will I

Never will I ever fly a plane

Never will I ever ride a crane

Never will I ever be in shame

Never will I ever eat rain

Never will I ever fly a kite

Never will I ever hang on tight to a kite

Never will I ever kill a fly

Evie J. is a Level 1 student who loves riding horses.

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