By Parker P.

Parker: Fact or Fiction

I am Parker

Today I will meet my goals

Today I will have fun

Today I will work really hard

Today I will eat a great lunch

Today I will play with my friends

Today I will do Jedi Training

Today I will play with Ray

Today I will play basketball

Today I will be really healthy

Today I will play in the forest

I am Parker

Listening to nature

That sound is like a bird chirping

Or a cow cowing

Or a wolf howling across the valley

It’s birds, crows, and wolves

Nature is such a soothing sound

The feeling poem about anger

Sometimes I have a good or even a great day but sometimes my brother Conner can turn a great day into a horrible day.

And sometimes he takes my stuff and says it’s his and it makes me mad!

When I ask to play on the PS4 he says no every time and it’s annoying.

My dog tries to bite me and I tell her to stop and she doesn’t and it makes me mad and it hurts.

Sometimes when she runs around she won’t stop and then she starts to bite everybody.

My cousins can be really mean and annoying and it is not fun for me.


Can hang on a wall

Can be really loud sometimes

Can play cool music

Little Red Robin

A little red robin

Chirping on a branch

In the cool winter breeze

Flying in the air

Looking for food

Parker P. is a Level 1 student who loves to build paper airplanes.

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