By Caden M.


Funny, nice, cool, and successful

Son of Mike and Toni

Loves nachos, football, Texas, and steak

Fears bees, narwhals, no nachos

Needs family, friends, and nachos

Who gives cold punches

Would like to go to Hawaii

Resident of Austin, Texas

Caden’s Limerick

There once was a boy named Buck

He loved to shoot duck

He cooked them up

He ate away until he threw it up

And he has a truck

Caden: Fact or Fiction?

My name is Caden

I was born in Dallas

I love nachos

I hate squishmellows

I have 50 stuffed animals

I don’t know 1+1

I have a squishmellow named brownie

My birthday is on Jan 12

My name is Caden


Drip drop I hear outside

The sound is very peaceful

Almost like an angel’s voice

Or 1,000 birds chirping

The sound I love very much

I wish I heard it every day

I want to

I want to skydive

I want to run one thousand miles

I want to go to space and see some aliens

I want to drive a car

I want to have five thousand squishmellows

I want to drive a boat

I want to eat a plane

I want to have nachos

Caden M. is a Level 1 student who likes to surf.

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