By Brooklyn J.

Brook’s Bio Poem


Playful, artistic, joyful, kind

Daughter of Lisa and Paul

Who loves drawing, acting

Who fears sharks, dolls, and clowns

Who needs pets or friends

Who gives you that warm feeling inside

Who would like to see Hawaii

Resident of Austin, TX

Belle and Charles

Belle and Charles are

Rats and they don’t talk in class

And they are not friends

Feelings Poems Sad

Some days I don’t feel good

And I can’t go to school and I love school

So it’s sad to be sick but my mom makes me happy

But I still think about school so that makes me sad again

And sometimes I even feel mad or frustrated

And I think about my friends and that makes me even sadder

And in a few minutes I realize I’m even sadder

And I try to stay positive but I still think about school

My mom tries to cheer me up

But I still feel sad and then my dad comes in

And he cheers me up a little

But then I get sad and mad again

And I try to think about something else

But I just can’t and it’s so hard to think of something else

Wind Blows

When the wind blows I hear ocean

When the wind blows I hear leaves rumbling

When the wind blows I hear birds chirping

When the wind blows I hear nature

When the wind blows I hear music to my ears

When the wind blows I hear humming birds

Brook: Fact or Fiction?

I am Brook

I love gym

I love trampolines

I love my friends

I love time

I love umbrellas

I love my bedroom

I love bird poop

I love snow

I am Brook

Brooklyn J. is a Level 1 student who loves playing tag.

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