By Cora T.


My friend Vivienne


In the morning

On a table

Because she spelled morning wrong

Dead Jerry

Bye Jerry sad man

Jerry lived in the dark woods

Then he died so sad


It happens

Some one

Makes me



A lot

So I’m happy a lot

I laugh when I see a

Funny dance

I laugh

When Megan tells funny stories

I’ll eat it

I’ll eat it when I’m 17

I’ll eat it while I’m drinking tea

I’ll eat it at Halloween

I’ll eat it while I’m taking a bath

I’ll eat it when the sun has passed

I’ll eat it when my gum is dirty

I’ll eat it on a water slide

I’ll eat it in a trash can

I’ll eat it on a roof

I’ll eat it when I’m young

Cora: Fact or Fiction?

I am Cora

I almost had to get braces before my sis

My favorite food is mac and cheese

I like long socks

My friends never argue

My friends are weird

I had blue hair

I have fake glasses on

My favorite color is red

I am Cora

Cora T. is a Level 1 student who is learning how to skateboard.