By Jack C.

Bob wins tetherball

Bob and Joe

playing tetherball

10:34 am

at school

for Q-break

Poem about me Jack

I am Jack and Bob

I like to play tetherball

I can do fractions

Poem about feelings

I feel mad when my sister hogs the TV.

It is so boring waiting to let me have it.

She will not let me charge my computer.

My dog Lily will jump on my bed in the morning and at night.

This makes me frustrated and tired!

My mom makes me play piano before I can have screen time.

It is so boring to play piano.

My dad will make me do my chores before I can go play with my friends.

This makes me mad and disappointed.

When I hear my sister’s feet stomping on our floor

She sounds like a rhino running full speed!

It will get louder and louder,

Then quieter as she slows down

Then loud as a spaceship that is going so fast

Then she will stop

I wonder why

I wonder why I can’t fly

I wonder why I can’t drive

I wonder why I can’t bake pie

I wonder why I can’t go buy pie

I wonder why I can’t ride a bee

I wonder why I can’t serve goats tea

I wonder why I can’t pet a bear

Now I know I can’t do this stuff

Jack C. is a Level 1 student who loves history and math.