By Jagger H.

My annoying siblings

Every time I get a new phone charger


And when I buy it with my own money she loses it

This makes me mad

And Halston doesn’t really do bad things

She can make me happy and feel better, but Hendrix makes me mad

He likes to claim things that are not his, like for example this morning I had toothpaste that I bought two days ago and he said he had it for a long time

But I’m usually always feeling happy and never that mad except at my siblings

The sounds of outside

Hello there Cheez It

We need to find you a home

You look sad, why sad?

Part two of the lonely Cheez It I found on the ground, so sad

Let’s look for a home

Under the rock? No. Here? Ok

I have to kill you

Smelly Foot Factory

It is just like a shoe monster, one of the most rare ghosts ever

It’s very old, dirty, and broken

It is a very very rare monster who is only in this one place

It will slowly follow you when you don’t know

You are trapped at The Smelly Foot Factory

Jagger: Fact or Fiction

I am Jagger

I have two dogs

I have a hamster

I know how to wake surf

I have a cat

I can draw really well

My birthday is on September 5th

My car is white

My car is black

I don’t like video games

My favorite color is yellow

My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla

I am Jagger

Jagger H. is a Level 1 student who likes to play basketball.

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