By Chloe C.

Eternalia is a new planet that is mostly a beach with a big green forest in the distance. The beach has pink sand and a shimmering teal ocean. In the forest are a lot of tree houses that people live in. The trees are called acacia trees and are all different colors of the rainbow. Through the forest a river flows and this keeps the forest watered. The river starts at the top of a waterfall. The climate is always sunny and warm with a small breeze that smells like ocean.

Everyone lives in a treehouse that is made with brown branches and the leaves are a different color for each tree. Inside each tree there is a small living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. In the bedroom there are two windows, a bed that matches their tree’s color and a flower petal carpet. In the kitchen there is a round metal sink, a smooth conglomerate table, a big earthy pantry with wooden shelves and crazy foods, a high temp oven and stove. In the living room there are two white couches stuffed with feathers and a big circular table, its top is the same color as the tree. Also there is a big crystal chandelier over the table. The floor of the house is made of marble with flecks of gold, and the walls are made of branches.

Everywhere you look you can see shimmering alicorns and pegasi in the sky. There also are unicorns that are grazing in a big clearing where there is grass and no trees. The animals there talk and are nice to people. The people there are still normal human beings even though there are magical animals. The people there take care of the animals but they let the animals be free. The animals there eat mostly grass but some eat leaves from trees.

Most people want jobs but if they don’t then they aren’t forced to have one. There are many jobs that you can do to improve Eternalia such as: building more houses in trees, feeding animals, or gardening. You could also be a scientist, a chef, or a magician. In summary, Eternalia is a great place to enjoy life!

Chloe C. is a Level 1 student who likes Keeper of the Lost Cities.

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