By Jet T.

Dear future self,

I hope I am in an apartment with Reese or my best friend at the time. I hope I am happy or as happy as I can be. I want to work with animals. I want to have a husky named Ice or Storm. I hope I work my hardest every day. I hope I live in L.A. or somewhere in California. Do you still like Starbucks? I mean not as much as Val but you know no one likes Starbucks as much as Val.

Past self

Dear past self,

You do live with Reese and you have a big husky named Snow. You live in California and you are a pet photographer. You still like Starbucks and Val is now the owner of Starbucks and she gets you free Starbucks everyday.


Future self

Jet T. is a Level 2 student who likes to swim, ride bikes and hang out with her friends.

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