College Application Essay

By Sophia S.

Someone once said, “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.” I have a story about my hard work…

It was almost the end of the session. Sessions are periods of time that usually last five to eight weeks at my school. I had to complete a lot of math to finish my goals for the session. It was so hard and I had finished many domains, which meant there were new concepts that I didn’t understand. One of the domains was called Statistics & Probability, and it took forever. The math was confusing and long. Thank goodness I had my mom; she was the only reason I could finish my goals.

It was a long night of math; I got so many lessons done and started to understand the concepts. Hours were going by, and I was getting frustrated. It was too much. Math was always hard for me, and I wished I didn’t save it for last. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I stopped working. I know that you may think I give up easily, but I don’t. I know when I have reached my limits. I really try, and I have always met my session goals. It was the first time I didn’t meet my goals. I went back to school after the break we take between sessions. I was sad I didn’t meet my goals, but then I found out something amazing: I met my goals! I thought I didn’t meet them because the app we use wasn’t counting some of my work. I was so happy, and I learned two very important lessons: Don’t save math for last, and hard work always pays off.

I hope you consider me,

Sophia S.

Sophia S. is a Level 2 student who likes to dance and cosplay.

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