By Willow O.

[NOTE: The characters you are about to read about are anthropomorphized. They have human features such as skin, hands (not paws), hair, and animal ears, and tails.]

On a cool, fall morning, I awoke to the freezing feeling of wind whipping over my face.

Lifting my head, I see that my window is open. Groaning silently, I get up, walk over to the window, and as I am about to close it and head back to bed, I get a strange feeling. I peer my head out the window, *brr*, I think as the wind rushed past me, ruffling my short hair. I pull my head in at the same moment I notice someone in the street. They have a large black cloak covering their entire body. They see me and briskly walk away, but at that moment the wind blows in their direction and I see pink hair. Sure plenty of people dye their hair pink or in even rarer cases it’s natural, but not often. Shrugging it off, I close the window and pull the curtains closed. I walk over to my closet and I change into a black long sleeve, a thick light gray hoodie, black slightly ripped jeans, and my favorite maroon hightop converse. I open the door to my room, walk through, and close it behind me. I walk through the hallway to the stairs. Stepping down the stairs, I walk through the living room to the kitchen. Walking through the kitchen, I see my sister Hazel sitting at the table, wearing a thick light pink hoodie and light colored blue jeans. “Morning, Taylor!” she says to me as I sit down across from her at the table. “Morning.” I respond smiling only slightly. “You slept in late just like-” my mom says then pauses, Lexi wanders into the kitchen, “Finally you’re up,” my mom finishes her thought.

Meh, shrugs my sister Lexi as she walks into the kitchen and sits next to me. She has on a light grey hoodie, black ripped jeans, and her favorite black leather jacket. Lexi and I get along really well, though my sister Hazel on the other hand… Don’t get me wrong we both love Hazel and do get along, but we are quite different. She likes pastels, and girly things, and Lexi and I prefer darker things (if you must put us in a category it would be tomboy). “Who’s hungry for pancakes?” my mom says, as she flips a pancake on a pan. “Me!” Hazel says. “May I take it to go?” says Lexi, “I’m hanging out with my friends today and I don’t want to be late.” “Oh, ok honey.” My mom responds. “I’m also going out with my friend today, may I have some though?” I say. “Ok.” says my mom. My mom reaches and opens the cupboard to her right and pulls out two cloth napkins. She then puts four pancakes each into the two cloths, wraps them up then hands them to Lexi and I. “Thanks.” Lexi and I say as we grab the cloth parcel. Getting up out of my chair I head to the door, grab my leather satchel and say, “I’ll be back soon.” Opening the door I walk out onto the stone stairs in the front of our house, then suddenly Lexi ducks under my arm before the door could close. “Cya!” she calls back as she flies down the stairs and into the street. “Heh,” I laugh slightly as I pull the door shut. Walking down the stairs, I make a left at the bottom, and walk along the side of the street. I walk for a few blocks until I reach a medium-sized house painted a soft-yellow color with white pillars. Slowly walking up the brick steps, I knock on the front door. It opens slowly to reveal my best friend Brooke, she has bright golden hair and ears. “Morning!” she says to me as she steps out and closes the door. “Ready to go hunt?” I ask. “You bet!” she says and I see her start to vibrate. “Brooke! Don’t run off at top speed again!” I laugh as I grab her arm. “Fineeee!” she says as I let go of her arm. Brooke has lightning magic, which means she can manipulate electricity, lightning, and she channels that energy to run so fast you can’t even see her. I haven’t found my magic yet.

Willow O. is a Level 2 student who loves to climb trees, craft, and spend time with her family.

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