By Sophia S.

I open my eyes to the magical, beautiful candy land. I look down on my right to see a fox looking up at me, and I said, “Hi there, do you need something?” The little fox pulled my shirt, and ran off. I knew the fox needed something so I followed. The little fox shows me the… people? It seemed like it was untouched, but I didn’t know were I was so I have to try my best to communicate, “Hhhiii tttthheerre.” The little people stopped me right there and said. “We can understand you, and we are elves. Did you forget elves can speak any language?” Shocked, I apologize for not recognizing they are elves. “I’m so sorry, I’m alone and in need of help.”

The little fox looks up at me, as an elf comes up to me. “You are not alone, you have a fox, not many people have a fox follow them.” I look down at the little fox, he smiles, and I reply with, “Okay I’m not alone… but if I leave this place will the fox come with me?” All the elves start laughing. Confused, I ask, “What’s wrong? Why are you worried you haven’t even done the quest?” Even more confused I ask, ”What quest?” Then the elf told me the fox would stay with me if I left, and gave me a map for the quest I still know nothing about…

Sophia S is a Level 2 student who loves rollerblading and dance.