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By Lio L.

1. As the crewmate, you have to do tasks and vote who you think the impostor is.

2. Also as a crewmate, you have to say that the person you think is the impostor is “sus.” (e.g. yellow is sus).

Also you have to give proof and tell them the story.

3. Some tasks are really hard, like the comms one on polus, a map in the game. (below)

  1. polus is a map on Among Us and this is the sabotage task screen in communications.

This task is very hard for most people. All you need to do is turn the knob so the very fuzzy one looks like the one on the left. Also as you do it, you hear a voice. Go in the direction that makes it more clear. Easy peasy task squeezy. (I can’t believe I revealed this. I love this task.)

4. Make sure you’re not too “sus”! If you are, everybody will vote you out and you will be a ghost.

5. As a ghost, you cannot be visible to alive impostors or crewmates and you will not be able to talk in meetings.

6. You can only talk in meetings. When you talk if you’re not too suspicious (sus) everybody will vote for the person you said. This is also helpful for impostors.

7. As the impostor, you kill people and sabotage. The kill button has a cooldown though and you cannot kill in that time. (below)

2. A character with a pet and an outfit escapes via venting with a 30 second killing screen.

8. If you are an impostor, you can vent. (above) When the vent is red, you press the vent button and you can transport yourself through rooms. Careful though, because only impostors can vent and if the crewmates see, they can call a meeting. Kill before they get there if possible.

9. If the person gets to the button (cafeteria) you can lie and say the person who found it was the impostor. Again, make sure you are not too sus.

10. You can sabotage. In different worlds there are different ones and each one is different. The fixing tasks are in random places and the comms one on polus is the task that seems impossible (solved on step 3).

11. One type of sabotage is doors. This sabotage closes doors and traps crewmates so you can kill them. It has a slight cooldown.

12. The impostor wins when the sabotage is not fixed in time or there are equal crewmates to impostors.

13. The crewmates win when all the impostors are voted out or all tasks are done.

14. Shown in picture 2, you can dress up and be different colors. Some cost money and some are free, but all pets cost money and all colors are free.

15. Two common myths are if your color is red or black, then you will be impostor more. FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No color can change the chance that you are an impostor.

16. Another myth: certain names ( ̇O࣪ , sky, YashKaran, RDS, etc.) can make you always impostor. FALSE! Again, no chance changed.

17. Tips and tricks: if you go to security cams, then you can see people dying, killing, and venting.

18. If you die as a crewmate, die next to a security cam. People might see and vote for the sus person.

19. If you don’t want that to happen, then don’t kill next to cams. They look like this.


3: A camera on skield (top), a map on Among Us. 4: A camera on polus, another map on among us.

20. In meetings, ask people to see you do storage trash in the skield, another map in the game. When they do, if you are a crewmate you do it and the result is visible. If you are an impostor, you wait for everybody to leave except one and you kill him/her.

21. If anyone knows someone that works for InnerSloth (if this is public) tell them to look for Among Us suggested colors. They may be


5: Colors suggested for among us. 6: More suggested colors.

Okay, most of the ones on picture 5 are already in the game, and marshmallow and snow are both the same. Also make glow-in-the-dark but for money because you can see in the dark.

Also, this probably won’t be public, so yeah. Move on. (kills crewmate)

22. You distract people like this

7: Henry stickmin doing the distraction dance. 8: crewmates getting distracted.

and then people get distracted.

So yeah, that’s it for now.

Editor_man:creator_of_article sus

Writingmanguyfacehumancrewmatething:editor_man safe.I

vote creator_of_article.

Lio L. is a Level 1 student who thinks Creator_of_article was the impostor.



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