By Ewan C.


Oh, Death,

What a thing,

it is so sad,

to see your great one leave,

Oh, Death,

Is it a thing,

Is it a person,

There is never time to find out,

Oh, Death.


Oh, Mortality,

Sometimes useful,

Sometimes not,

You can never check if your luck has run out,

Oh, Mortality,

It’s a random roulette,

And if it picks on you,

You’re probably next,

Oh, Mortality.


Oh, Life,

You give us breath,

You give us pain,

If you fall down,

You might never feel the same,

Oh, Life,

You give us thought,

You give us doubt,

What’s in the end,

We’ll never find out,

Oh, Life.


Oh, Emotions,

You feel happy,

Sometimes not,

You’ll feel a sense of Dread,

When you’re caught up,

Oh, Emotions,

You feel anger,

Or maybe even Embarrassment,

Because something happened,

That came your way,

Oh, Emotions.


Oh, Blood,

You power our organs,

Like cogs in a clock,

If we didn’t have you,

The world would stop,

Oh, Blood,

An ounce of you leaving could cause pain,

Because we need you,

To survive the day,

Oh, Blood.


Oh, Bones,

You’re pretty strong,

You’re pretty wide,

You keep us intact,

If we didn’t have you,

We’d be flat inside,

Oh, Bones,

You protect our brain,

You protect our organs,

You protect everything,

That’s of importance,

Oh, Bones.


Oh, Mystery,

Oh you give me injury,

Oh you make me feel like a Hickory,

Because this will go down in History,

Oh, Mystery,

What is this Trickery, This Whispery, This Witchery,

There’s no Authenticity and or Electricity,

Fire the Field Artillery,

Oh, Mystery.


Oh, Chess,

I’m in unrest,

I feel unblessed and stressed,

Because of the compressed contest,

You must be assessed,

Oh, Chess,

I’m obsessed and oppressed,

Must continue the progress,

You make me feel like I’m the best,

I must protest,

Oh, Chess.

Ewan C. is a Level 2 Student who likes to write and play video games. These are his Odes.

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