BREAKING NEWS: Pigeons Escape from Prison

By Cora T.

This is Cora T. reporting live from the California New Zealand HBO prison at 1:00 a.m. on Thursday, November 31. We have heard that the police have contacted animal control to put the pigeons back and jail.

Oh no! We have just heard that the pigeons bit all the animal control workers’ heads off. They’re biting more than animal control workers’ heads, they’re also biting all of Cora Land citizens’ heads. We have got animal control coming to help from all around the world. Like Paris, Florida, Italy, Hawaii, and Washington. The people of Cora Land have made it worse because the pigeons have been eating the Paris, Florida, Italy, Hawaii and Washington animal control people’s heads. The pigeons have been pooping out peoples’ heads on to other peoples’ heads. I’m here with Mr. Ramsbottom for an interview.

Cora T.: “What would you do if the pigeons ate all of Cora Land’s people?”

Ramsbottom: “I would run away to Cora Is the Best Land and never come back to Cora Land.”

Cora T.: “What would you do if the pigeons ate your head?”

Ramsbottom: “I would put seeds in my skull so I could have a plant head and still be alive.”

Cora T.: “How are you going to get out of Cora Land?”

Ramsbottom: “I will take my private boat/plane/car.”

Thank you for your time. I hope you stay alive. Wait, what is that? Ahhhh, it’s a pigeon!!

Cora T. is a Level 1 student who likes P. Terry’s.

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