Nicolas S.

Howdy! This is McPooper. Down in Mexico, we have an alien escaped from captivity. It’s called a Gogapigose. It is a rare alien. It eats mainly dirt and metal. But it can eat anything. It ate my mommy. She was pooping. It gets bigger every time it eats something. It came from the underworld where a ton of bosses like Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra and Ghidorah live.

The monster has been eating people and destroying the city. And he has brought other monsters to help destroy the city and eat people. When they finish destroying the city, they will go to a different city and destroy that city.

I am here interviewing I Eat Poop.

McPooper: “What do you think about the Gogapigose and the other monsters destroying the city?”

I Eat Poop: “I think it is scary and they are destroying the city a lot.”

McPooper: “Which monster did you see first? How big was it? Was it very big?”

I Eat Poop: “The monster was Godzilla. It was very big, it almost ate me.”

McPooper: “Do you think you are going to die?”

I Eat Poop: “Yes, I thought I was going to die. It was heading to my building but then it turned around and went the other way”

Nic S. is a Level 1 student who likes lizards and cars. He has a lizard.

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