By Asher H.

At the beginning of the day, a breakfast restaurant opened. The restaurant did not know that some of the bagels were alive. When the restaurant opened people rushed in and got to their seats then started to pick up their menu. A toddler ordered a bagel. There were only three bagels and all of those bagels were alive. The bagels were set on a tray and were put in a microwave. When they came out they were taken to the toddler’s table. When the toddler was about to lift up one of the bagels, it ran and said, “SCATTER!” Suddenly, all of the bagels ran in different directions. Everyone in the restaurant was scared as the bagels escaped.

Soon after the bagels escaped the restaurant a dog saw them and started to chase them. The dog chased the bagels for two hours. Later, the bagels hid behind a tree. While the bagels were hiding behind the tree one of them got an idea. “We should trap the dog so he can’t escape,” the bagel said. Later the dog saw the bagels he started to run at them then he got trapped in the trap!

While the dog was being suspended in a net the bagels began to make a fire below him. (The reason being they saw a hot dog stand and wanted some.) When the fire was almost ready the dog escaped and started to run. The bagels started to chase him with flaming sticks. The bagels were starting to gain on the dog as the bagels approached the dog. The dog turned around and ate all three of them while the flaming sticks flew to the street.

Asher H. is a Level 2 student who is in his fifth year going to Alpha.

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