By Jagger H.

Boss Baby is a very, very bad movie. It had terrible jokes and the jokes were some kind of poor 2017 jokes. Like they stole it from This horror movie came out in March 2017, the year I died. There are some good actors like Alec Baldwin and David Soren. Those are some of the guys that are in the movie. The movie has pretty good stars but TERRIBLE reviews. Two and a half stars and 53% Rotten Tomatoes.

There are some WACK characters in this. For example, Tim fights these weird aliens or is that Storks… hmmm. I like these actors but I do not like the characters’ actions. They don’t describe them too well but in the movie Tim is a kid who loves his parents. There’s also another thing about the characters Jimbo the Triplets and Tricycle Girl. They are a pretty good team.

I really, really do not like this movie at all. It seems like a ten out of a hundred. They tried their best to make good jokes but they are so bad at jokes. Like all the kid wants is cookies and he gets pulled in to this Boss Baby Corp and he falls into an office and finds TRICK cookies O M G they faint and wake up on a rocketship.

I don’t really recommend this movie but it’s really bad. I do think the storyline is a little screwed up. Like Baby Corp? Come on that’s super bad and the worst joke ever and also they put these things in your mouth that make you go to Baby Corp. I really don’t think you should watch if you’re over thirteen.

Jagger H. is a Level 1 student who loves basketball.

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