BIG SISTERS are the worst

By Cora T.

Big sisters always get what they want all the time. They get to do everything first.

They think they’re better. You are better than them and they are liars. They lie because they blame things on you like if they drop something the parents believe them because they are older.

BIG SISTERS get the bigger room. They get better gifts on Christmas. At Christmas they give you really bad gifts even though you give them really good gifts. When they hit you then you go and get a parent, they say they did not lay a finger on you. It is so upsetting because they are lying. They also lock the door to the bathroom and don’t let you in even if you just need to talk to them.

When you want to do something they also want to do it, and they get to do it first even when it was your idea. When you are sitting somewhere and get up for two seconds, they take your

spot. They get really mad when you just say one word and then they tell on you. When you have no money and all you want is just a little thing that only costs a dollar, they still don’t pay for it. They would come in at night and wake you up just to ask for a brush.

When you come home, your parents make you hang out with your sister even though you don’t want to. When you’re in a fight they say, “Fine, you win. But you still hurt me.” When they say, “Save me a mozzarella stick,” and they’re swimming laps and the coach says she can’t eat now, then the coach gets mad at you and it is all your sister’s fault. You’re really, really hungry so you split it and then she gets mad so she shoves you in a locker with the help of her friend. When your dad says to your sister to throw the ball to the dog, but then she says she did it last time and she makes you even though you’re on a call, it’s not fair. It’s so annoying when they go into a store and you have to wait so long for them to come back and they only buy one thing and it took them so long. So we learned here that BIG SISTERS are so annoying.

Cora T. is a Level 1 student who swears these are all the things her sister has done to her over the years.

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