By Ivy H.

He’s soft, cuddly, and warm too.

But don’t let his puppy eyes fool you.

He loves bread and pizza,

But never anything healthy.

Don’t leave your food out,

unless you want an empty belly.

Don’t leave the door open, or he will run out.

“Benjamin, breakfast!” is what we always shout.

He comes back immediately when you mention the car.

It always works. He never goes far.

I love sleeping with him because he keeps me safe,

but sometimes he will bark if you pass by the door.

It’s really annoying but not as much as his snores.

No matter how grumpy or smelly he gets,

I am so glad to have Benjamin as one of my pets.

This poem was made with Benjamin by my side and each time I said breakfast or car he would get excited or tilt his head.

Ivy H. is a Level 1 student who has a sister, two brothers, and recently went water skiing for the first time.

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