By Valerie D.

Dear future self,

I hope you graduated from MIT, our dream college.

I hope you can finally breathe when you’re inside a sheltered area. Did you find a way to stop drinking Starbucks almost every day, or did you build one in your house (I wouldn’t be surprised)? Do you live in the famous ZIP code, 90210, with a nice house in Beverly Hills? I hope you make the right decisions to become a better me.

See you soon!


Dear past self,

You made the best decisions you could make. You made it into MIT! You live in Beverly Hills with my dog. I don’t think you will ever, I mean ever stop drinking Starbucks. You have a Starbucks 30 ft. from my room. Do you know the drink you always get? Well…it’s on the menu now! You made all the life decisions to have a fantastic life.

Thank you!


Valerie D. is a Level 2 student who loves to dance and code. She is 11 years old and will be 12 this August.

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