By Emma C.

Dear Future Self,

So this thing called COVID came up. I have no idea what it is. How long is it going to last?

Also, have you ever fallen off of a swing? I know this is a weird question, but if I can avoid falling, I would like that. Anyways, I hope you got the job you wanted as a veterinarian.

Did you get a dog? One of those mini Aussies? I hope you got one. They are adorable.

Do you have a self-driving, flying car, or have those even been invented?Where do you live? I have so many questions.

-Your Past Self

Dear Past Self,

The thing called COVID lasted a few years. So, be ready to stay at home for a while. When you are at home, you will be so bored. After that, you will go to an awesome new school called Alpha. You will learn so much. The Dalai Lama once said, “Just remember the purpose of your life is to be happy.” So basically, just make the most of your time and have fun. Play with your brother, toys, and friends. You will have a good time.

You will fall off a swing at school, so be careful. When you are on the swing, please do not go high. If you go high, you will fall off. You will get hurt. It will take a week for your knee to heal. It will hurt so much.

Fast forward a few years. You are a veterinarian! You work with all sorts of animals. You have a mini Aussie. Her name is Luna, and she is so cute. She comes to work with you, and we drive in a self-driving, flying car.

  • Your Future Self

Emma C. is a Level 2 student who plays volleyball and swims.

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