August Lanmesser letters

By Will B.

August Landmesser was a German who revolted against Hitler by refusing to salute when Hitler spoke to a crowd in 1936. These are fictional letters from an anonymous person in the crowd in 1936 and a boatman.

Dear August Landmesser,

I saw you in the crowd in 1936. I want you to know you are not alone. I am talking to you secretly from the American base. We are fighting the Germans as you get this letter. I am writing to tell you that I was once in Germany, but I snuck to the other side. If you wish to have justice, you must come quickly. Memorize and burn this letter, read it to the boatman, and he will take you here at 0100. Gather your belongings, and we can keep you safe. There are three other people on the boat, read them the letter and they will read you a code. DO NOT read them this code : germanyescape1238904567.

Best Of Luck,

Your German Friend

Dear German Friend,

I am stuck in prison and was separated from August, and the others got away. I hope they have fled to America. The boat was ambushed from both sides. We had one cannon, and each of their boats had three. We sunk one and the sailors along with it. August and I were captured by the ship and the others sailed away in bad shape. I sent this in a bottle on a carrier pigeon I stole from the room next to my cell. We need help, but I fear August is deep inside of the prison by now. I was nearly caught just reaching through a small hole during the guard lunch break! At least they filled in all the holes. Security is extreme even in my sector. And I am sure they took August deeper.

Send for the three who escaped. They can also tell you German secrets.

With Hope,

The Boatman

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