By Will B.

Wow, this is beautiful, 10-year-old Andy thinks as he walks through this forest that he abruptly was sucked into. “It looks like candy, feels like candy. Well… maybe I should try it.”

He takes a huge bite out of the tree next to him. It tastes like licorice and m&ms spilled out!

“I like this place,” Andy says. All of a sudden he runs smack into a tree ahead of him in a dead end with tree branches to either side. “Oww!” Andy yells. “Excuse me,” the tree says. “I didn’t see you coming, which way would you like to go?” the tree continues.

“Way?” Andy says, “We are in a dead end, so if I could… left,” Andy continues. The tree branches on the left side of Andy open suddenly. Andy runs through and the branches close behind him!

Andy comes into a clearing, a rather large clearing that looks burnt and pink around the edges. There comes a great roar from a cave on the side of the clearing. Andy thinks very rapidly, but before he could think his way out, a huge gumdrop dragon comes out and breathes his terrible gumdrop FIRE. Andy rushes at the dragon (not the smartest move at the time but he had had a lot of sugar). He leapt onto the dragon’s back. He had sugar powers and saw the sugar magic in the dragon’s center gumdrop. He eats the sugar magic in the dragon’s gumdrop, and the dragon is tamed. As he jumps off he grabs something in a red wrapper, holstered to the side of the dragon’s leg.

He goes back to the tree and hears it whisper, “Why won’t it turn back on? The owner said the dragon was invincible.” Andy unwraps the red package, and finds it is a Kit Kat laser gun. He bursts through the branches with a blast. Andy sees a remote disappear behind the tree. “You!” Andy yells. ”What do you mean my boy?” the tree says with the remote behind his back. Andy jumps behind the tree and eats the frosted icing remote behind his back. The tree starts to grow and grow and grow until it is a bit taller than the dragon! All of a sudden there comes a gigantic roar and Andy sees bursts of huge pink FIRE! The dragon bursts toward the tree biting a clawing and slashing! Andy jumps on his back. With a great big roar from the dragon and victorious yell from Andy, they melt the evil tree once and for all. The evil forest fell away and a beautiful Jawbreaker and Snicker bar city came up from the Oreo dirt ground.

Will B. is a Level 2 student who is eleven years old and loves to climb and jump.

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