By Sam G.

It was a rainy Friday night and I was about three years old. We were at our house eating dinner. My brother Henry and my mom were already done with theirs. I was three quarters done and my little brother Jack wasn’t even halfway through. When we were all done, we wanted dessert.

So my mom got out all the ingredients that we needed to make a pie. She started to make the pie and told us to go play in our room. We went to play cars in our room. We played for about 15 minutes and then went to check on the pie. “MOM, it’s turning brown!” I said. “IT’S BURNING!” said my mom as she ran over to the pie.

“Oh, it’s not burning, it’s just smoking,” she said. We heard the fire alarm go off. My mom said we had to go outside, and she went with us. “Nothing happened, guys. That was just an accident that the smoke alarm made,” my mom said.

We all heard the fire truck coming down the road. “We are going to be okay, Jack. Same to you, Henry,” I said to both of them. The firemen came to our house to ask us what happened. My mom asked us to stay at the oak tree, and she walked towards the firemen.

She told the firemen what happened. They listened to what she said. Then we all went back inside and the firemen left. We threw the pie away because we did not want it anymore.

And so we all learned a lesson: To not wait to tell something that needs to be told. And to always check on something you’re cooking once in a while.


Sam G. is a Level 1 student who has two annoying brothers and one really different from them because he is not annoying at all and he is a lot better then them. Sam hates bananas but he likes apples. He is 8.7777777777777777777774444444444444444444 years old.

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