2020’s Sneakers Review

By Jagger H.

2020’s sneakers are very interesting. They have a lot of backstories and facts about them. I will be rating the best shoes of 2020 in my opinion. I will be rating them on a scale of 1- 10. From now to 2021, I will tell the backstory of how these shoes were created.

2020 Dark Mochas

These shoes don’t have much backstory but these are based on the Travis Scott Air Jordan Ones. I would probably rate this 8.5 because it’s a very nice looking shoe with a clean design. They are based on Michael Jordan. Jordan has 26 different types of shoes and many different colorways.

J Balvin Sneakers Air Jordan One

J Balvin is a DJ/Music artist. He did a collaboration with Nike and Jordan and made this shoe. You would have to enter a special raffle normally. It’s hard because a lot of people try to resell these for a lot. I rate these 1/10 because I think these shoes are really colorful. I personally think that he is following in Travis Scott’s footsteps. He did a collaboration with McDonald’s too. So did Travis Scott. Travis Scott did a collaboration with Jordan and Nike and J Balvin did as well. It’s a popular thing to do a collaboration with food companies.

Nike SB Dunk Travis Scott

Travis Scott made these in 2020. They are used for skating and walking around. The shoes have a bandana design. There are a lot of versions of these. He makes a new one every year. I rate this a 10/10 because of the clean bandana design. The story behind this is Travis would always skate when he was young, but he never could find a shoe that was cool and also good to skate in.

The Fearless Jordan Ones

These are a mix of the UNC Jordan Ones And the Chicago’s Jordan Ones with a glassy texture. I would rate this a 10/10 because I like the mix with two of the most popular shoes with a glassy texture.

Jagger H. is a Level 1 student who loves basketball.

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